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You’re more likely to be approved when you apply for a credit card you’re qualified for. For example, if you do not have much credit or you have bad credit, you probably won’t be approved for a premium rewards credit card.Some credit card issuer websites tell which credit cards are for excellent, average, or bad credit.

If your case is at the disability application level, it is pointless to call the Social Security office where you applied. This is because they do not actually work on the case and they will only know if you have been approved or denied once the disability examiner assigned to the case has made a decision.

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Apps that have been reviewed, approved, and signed with a certificate by the app service are referred to as trusted apps. Apps that have not been reviewed, approved, or signed with a certificate by the app service are referred to as untrusted apps.

Getting approved for car finance can be the most nerve-wracking part about visiting a car dealership. You may have spent hours going up and down the rows of vehicles to find just the right one. Now, you’re sitting at the dealership, waiting to find out if you’ve been approved for the loan.

what is difference between interest rate and apr To reinforce the seriousness of their interest in the issue, the depletion date for that fund was six years sooner in 2017. The difference was credited to declining applications and lower benefit.primary residence vs investment property Investment Property: Unlike a primary residence or second home, an investment property is used as a source of income. Typically, the home is considered an investment property if you plan on collecting rent from the property and it’s located within 50 miles of your primary residence (although that requirement may vary, just like the second.

29 Sep What to Expect Once You’ve Been Approved for Disability Benefits . By Disability Group. Whether you’re applying for disability benefits or have already been approved, it may help to have some idea of what to expect. The following are some frequently asked questions about disability benefits that many claimants ask:

 · The guarantor will also need to submit the same application documents as the applicant. If you get these documents ready ahead of time it could save you a few days of scrambling. If you cannot secure a guarantor, try offering to pay a double security deposit or pay a few months of rent in advance.

I just went through this with Capital One, I applied for their quick silver credit Card and was told that it was pending further review and that I would receive something in the mail within 7-10 business days. I immediately thought I was denied. Capital One contacted me to verify my identity later that day because I already have a credit card with them and said they would submit the application.

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